A Few Words About Us

EnviroKirn is a charity. It funds its project work through sponsors, annual appeals and sourcing grants. We aim to preserve, restore and improve the environment within the operating area through protection and/or preservation of the natural environment.

Who We Are

Founded in 2002 when Kirn was very run down, EnviroKirn has improved the amenities and enhanced the village greatly in these few years.

The group works closely with the local Council and schools, as well as local charities, to help increase youngsters' awareness of the benefits of joining in community enterprises.

The groups' income stems from an annual appeal to the villagers which provides finance for projects.

The Committee includes a local Councillor, a Community Police Officer and a primary school eco teacher.

The members efforts combine to give everyone a Pride of Place in Kirn.

What Our Aim Is

To preserve, restore and improve the environment within the operating area through protection and/or preservation of the natural environment.

The provision, maintenance and/or improvement of public open space and other public amenities and other environmental and townscape regeneration projects, and in doing so, to seek wherever appropriate (but subject to appropriate safeguards to ensure that the public benefit so arising clearly outweighs any private benefit thereby conferred on private landowners) to carry out works of reclamation, remediation and other operations to facilitate the use for those purposes of land whose use has been prevented or restricted because of previous use.

Advancing the education of the public on environmental concerns.

To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Kirn and its environs without distinction of sex, sexuality, political, religious or other opinions by associating the local statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities, or assist in the provision of facilities, in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure-time occupation so that their conditions of life may be improved.

Please Donate

Registered Scottish Charity Number: SC033800

No matter how much you're able to donate, you can be sure you're donation will make a big difference to our community.

Please click on the Donate button below if you wish to make a donation.

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How your donations will be used:

    • Litter picking & beach cleaning on a regular basis involving the schools and local community
    • Seasonal planting of the flower beds at the shore gardens and the many flower tubs around Kirn
    • Maintaining the permanent areas of planting in and around Kirn
    • Creating areas for play and wildlife study in the local environment for schools and local community
    • Community involvement through Newsletters and taking part in local events such as Kirn Gala
    • Finance projects such as GREENING A GREY SPACE in conjunction with Beautiful Scotland
    • Provide Kirn Christmas Tree and Festive Lights with Santa Claus visit for the children
    • Liaising with Council and other Official organizations to highlight environmental concerns of local Kirn residents
    • Dog Fouling campaigns
    • Traffic campaigns

Our Charity Needs You


EnviroKirn Action Group wishes all our Friends of Kirn and our neighbours around Cowal a safe return to the great outdoors. Spring has been washed down the drain and Summer arrives on blustery winds. Time to sweep up the leaves, tidy the garden and get back outdoors. Although EKAG had to suspend its group activities due to the COVID-19 restrictions volunteers have been busy keeping the flower tubs tidy and cheerful. Thanks for all their efforts it made a difference. EKAG is keen to get back to working on our projects around Kirn helping create and maintain welcoming areas with flower beds, tubs and picnic facilities. Benches to rest and enjoy the views and a safe environment for young and old alike.

Unfortunately, many of our longstanding members are unable to take up their trowels and lend a hand. Some have moved from the area; some no longer feel as fit as they were. A sentiment I can fully understand. EKAG, (founded in 2002), is in a less secure position than previous years. As we are a charity, we have a requirement to have a Committee and a Constitution. Even limiting our projects to summer planting and the Xmas Light Festival we will be unable to operate without additional resources and volunteers.

It is my friends, crunch time for EKAG.
Can we survive this crisis?
 We need anyone who is interested in giving a little of their time to plant tubs etc to fill in our contact form.

We have not made a fund-raising appeal for two years. We need anyone who wishes to donate to the cost of plants to donate via our website. Every penny received is solely used for the benefit of Kirn. Covid-19 restrictions meant that EKAG, like most of the volunteer groups in the area, were unable to operate during this difficult and often sad period. Now we look to the future and embrace this new exciting environment with open arms, trowels at the ready and plants in hand. Will you help us?

Eddie Costello - 
Chairperson EnviroKirn Action Group


EnviroKirn Needs Your Help





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